Sisters of the Earth Community


What's New?

Outdoor Legal Closing of our Conservation Easement, Lawyers Office ~  Hardwick, Vermont 

We are smiling behind those masks! 

 On December 11, 2020, at an outdoor covid gathering at the lawyers office,  we officially signed all the legal documents in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board to place  135 acres of our land in a conservation easement.  

This land will be now be protected in perpetuity.                Special gratitude to Clive Gray, Jon Binhammer,  VHCB and Zarina. 


We are returning to our native place after a long absence, meeting once again with our kin in the Earth Community.

Thomas Berry

 Forest Beloved

We have just completed our Wreath Making season, sending over 700 wreaths around the country.  The wreath that traveled farthest was sent as a gift from a mother to son in Hawaii! 

It is our hope that during this Covid time, the fragrant gift of our balsam Christmas wreaths fresh from the forest will bring healing and joy to all who receive them. 

We hold our forest as sacred and beloved and treat all trees with care, bringing their calming presence to you as part of our ministry of Earth Healing.