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                           A Touching Book for young and old! 

Winter and Snow in Vermont!

Time to read

 This is a touching book about a boy, a mole, a fox and a horse with beautiful lessons about kindness and friendship. 

On the opening page where the boy meets a mole, the encounter goes like this: 

"I'm so small said the mole." 

"Yes", said the boy, "but you make a huge difference."


It takes a universe to make a child, both in outer form and inner spirit.

Thomas Berry


We are smiling behind those masks! 

 In December 2020, at an outdoor covid gathering at the lawyers office,  we officially signed all the legal documents in partnership with The Nature Conservancy and the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board to place  135 acres of our land in a conservation easement.  

This land will be now be protected in perpetuity.   Special gratitude to Clive Gray, Jon Binhammer,  VHCB and Zarina.