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We have, in a sense, a new revelatory experience of the Divine through our present understanding of an unfolding universe, a cosmogenesis rather than a cosmos.

Thomas Berry



Upcoming Programs and Retreats


Tuesdays and Thursdays Ongoing Meditation     

8:00am ~ 8:30am  New York Time on Zoom
Led by:  Sr Gail
Each meditation is different, using a variety of creative and emergent ways to awaken our hearts and deepen together.  We are not always sitting in front of the screen!
On a donation basis.
If you would like to participate contact:  Sr Gail     


Indonesian Programs on Zoom Led by Sr Amie

Please see our Mitra Thomas Berry Page or contact Sr Amie


Is it Art, Activism or Both?
February 6, 2021
4:00 ~ 5:00pm   New York Time on Zoom
Contact: Sr Bernadette  Sr Bernadette
Suggested donation:  $15.00
See our page Thomas Berry Eco-Arts Alliance for further details.


Sisters of the Earth Community ~ Introductory Zoom Call
February 7, 2021
6am ~ 7am New York Time  (to accommodate all countries)
Would you like to know more about the history of religious life in the Catholic tradition and how women through the ages have responded generously to the most pressing needs of the time?

Are you interested in our community in particular, with its unique and beautiful mission:  Honoring Earth as a Single Sacred Community?
You are most welcome to join us.  Several women from Kenya who are also interested in our community will join the call to share their experience of initial inquiry.
See our page ~ Join us as a Sister of the Earth Community
Contact: Sr Gail


Via Collectiva: Our Collective Journey in Love/ Introductory Call
February 13
, 2021
4pm ~ 5pm New York Time on Zoom
Via Collectiva: Our Collective Journey in Love 4 month emergence
February 27
, 2021 ~ June 2021
4pm ~ 5pm New York Time on Zoom
Donation: $200.00 ~ $250.00
Contact:  Srs Gail or Marg at  Via Collectiva/Continual Blossoming
See our page Via Collectiva for more details.


Co-Sisters and Brothers 2 year Formation Program
Begins February 20, 2021
See our page ~ Join Us as a Co-Sister or Brother.


Partners in Mission Year Long Formation Program
Begins March 6, 2020
See our page Thomas Berry Partners in Mission.


Five Qualities of the Heart Retreat
4 ~ 5:30pm   NY time on Zoom.
Led by:  Sr Gail
March 14 ~ Trust
April 17 ~ Openness
May 15 ~ Gratitude
June 19 ~ Love
July 10~ Utmost Respect
Each month as a group we will focus on and activate a quality of the heart, and connect together throughout the month to deepen the heart quality in our lives and for our world.                                                                             Participants commit to all five sessions. 

Donation:  $150.00
To participate contact: Sr Gail

A beautiful thing, though simple in its immediate presence, always gives us a sense of depth, below depth, almost an innocent wild vertigo as one falls through its levels. Frederick Turner
April 25, 2021 ~ Retreat Day on the theme of Beauty.
Time: 10am ~ 3pm
Led by:  Sr Gail/Sr Bernadette
Location:  Our Thomas Berry House in Beach Lake, Pennsylvania
Contact: Sr Bernadette


Thomas Berry Eco-Zoic Training Program
Dates:  (Provided we are in a post covid world)
Place:  Green Mountain Monastery and the Thomas Berry Sanctuary
May 1, 2021 ~ July 1, 2021 (Our first training program)
October 1, 2021 ~ December 1, 2021
Contact: Sr Gail

 Eco-Zoic,  a phrase coined by Thomas means 'House of Life,' and refers to the emerging geological era of Earth where we go forward as mutually enhancing members of our Earth Community.

We consider the Eco-zoic to be an emerging Era of Wisdom, and the  focus of our training will be on the deepening of our collective wisdom. See our page Thomas Berry/Eco-Zoic Training Program.