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We have, in a sense, a new revelatory experience of the Divine through our present understanding of an unfolding universe, a cosmogenesis rather than a cosmos.

Thomas Berry



Upcoming Programs and Retreats


Wreath Season 
Our Christmas wreath season is approaching!   Volunteers are welcome to join us for this time of sustainably harvesting balsam from our forest and making Christmas Wreaths.
If interested contact us at:


 Sacred We Space Practice

December 15, 2021    

8:00am ~ 8:30am  New York Time on Zoom
Led by:  Sr Gail

On a donation basis.
If you would like to participate contact:  Sr Gail     


Via Collectiva: Our Collective Journey in Love 4 month emergence
Beginning September 25
, 2021 ~  Decmber  2021
Donation: $200.00 ~ $250.00
Contact:  Srs Gail or Marg at  Via Collectiva/Continual Blossoming
See our page Via Collectiva for more details.


Perennial Harvest Days  October 2021

All Souls Interfaith Gathering Panel : October 6, 2021

Middlebury College Closing Panel : October 22, 2021


Vision Walk at Green Mountain Monastery: October 16 and 17

Green Mountain Monastery and Whole Heart Collaboration
A one day event facilitated by Sisters Gail and Amie of Green Mountain Monastery, a time of deep listening to the Earth Community.

 Sisters of the Earth Community ~ Monthly Call

November 9, 2021
7am ~ 8am New York Time  
Have you ever thought of becoming a sister?  Do you desire to offer your deep contemplative heart in service to the healing and protection of the Earth Community? 
You are most welcome to join us and other women for a monthly exploration via zoom.
See our page ~ Join us as a Sister of the Earth Community
Contact: Sr Gail


 Thomas Berry:  The Dream of Earth
Sr Gail
November 9, 2021
Sponsored by Franciscan Sisters 
Zoom Call
During our time together we will inquire into the question What is the Dream of Earth for Us as a Species?