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Thomas Berry Partners in Mission

                  Friends and Partners in Mission

We invite you to join us as a Partner in Mission!

Thomas Berry Partners in Mission are women and men from around the world who find a home in the spirit of our community and are inspired by the life and legacy of Thomas Berry.

Partners work with, support, and volunteer at Green Mountain Monastery and our other Thomas Berry Houses  in a variety of ways.

“My job is to get you to think about the current devastation we are inflicting on the planet. Your job is to fix it.”

Thomas Berry

Thomas Berry Partners in Mission Formative Process

Our 12 month formative process for Partners in Mission world wide will take place through monthly hour long zoom calls where we will explore together the spirit of our mission and writings of Thomas Berry.

At the conclusion of our 12 month process we will celebrate with a ceremony of welcome on Zoom or in person for all Thomas Berry Partners in Mission who have completed this year long program. 

Partners will make a formal commitment as a Thomas Berry  Partner in Mission, and go forward with us as partners and supporters in the Great Work from wherever they live in the world.


For more information on becoming a Thomas Berry Partner in Mission,  contact Sr Gail