Sisters of the Earth Community


Spiritual Accompaniment


              If you want to make progress on the path,
              and ascend to the places you have longed for,
              the important thing is not to think much,
              but to love much,
             and do whatever best awakens you to love.
                                                 ~ St Teresa of Avila


In Spiritual Accompaniment we step into the vast heart of the Divine together, listening to the deeper movements of the Beloved in the interior of the soul, a space that is at the center of our longing, awakening us to love.                                                                                                                      

Donation for an individual hour zoom session:                                $75.00 ~ $100.00 (sliding scale)  (Pay what you can policy also available)

Sessions are open to persons of all cultures and faith traditions worldwide.  

To set up an appointment contact:  Sr Gail

Donations can be made by clicking the Donate Button on the top of the page. Thank You!


 After experiencing an unexpected heart opening to the Christian path a few years ago, there was no one I trusted more than Sr Gail to journey with me, as she is deeply rooted in the Christian tradition while dancing beyond its boundaries to embrace Spirit whenever its truth is revealed.  

Through her gentleness and unassuming receptivity during our monthly spiritual accompaniment sessions,  the most essential concerns of my soul, often unbeknown to me, come bubbling to the surface into the light. 

Sr Gail exemplifies an unwavering conviction in the Divine Goodness to guide our way forward. ~ Kenzo An