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Mary of the Cosmos Prints & Cards

This is an original Icon written by Sr. Bernadette Bostwick based on the ancient image of “Our Lady of the Sign.”

Prints: 12″ x 12.5″

$30.00 + shipping

Cards: 6″ x 6″ – Packet of 5

$10.00+ shipping

This image of Mary of the Cosmos celebrates the beauty of our embodiment and the sacredness and holiness of all matter in the cosmos.

In this Icon, the universe is flowing through Mary, (mother, matter, mater) whose body is made of the star stuff of the cosmos.

In her Iconoclastic form with Earth at her center, the planet becomes the birthing bed of Jesus.

The Mother of love and compassion looks out to us with outstretched arms inviting us to become life bearers for the planet.

- Sr. Bernadette Bostwick