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Deepening the Christ Life Between Us: A Journey of Collective Emergence

Deepening the Christ Life Between Us:  A Journey of Collective Emergence

We are inviting men and women to join us, in what we can only say is an Emergence.  It is not another  program or course but a lived experience of deepening the Christ Life between us and as us.

By coming together  with intention to activate the highest frequency and octave of Christ Consciousness available to us at this time,  we awaken a new dimension of the Christ Life in what we are calling  the Inter-Christic Field.

This is a field of high resonance that can only happen when we come together beyond the boundaries of separation. It is a field of  deeper relating in which the collective is in union with its own Divine Self.

When we commit ourselves to this Inter-Christic Field, what begins to happen is the revelation of the many structures of separation that we are attached to and the innumerable ways in which we separate out and stop the flow of love that desires to pour itself out into the world.

What also happens is that we gain access into experiences of  Unitive/Christ Consciousness together and begin to be a reflective field of this consciousness.  Imagine being in a house of mirrors in which the multidimensionality of the Christ Consciousness is continually being reflected through each individual person to the others as well as in the collective as a whole awakening in each person new capacities for Being, Depth and Relatedness.

Radical positivity, radical inclusivity, and radical love expressing itself in profound service would be some of the expressions of this consciousness emerging in and as the Inter-Christic Field .

Teilhard de Chardin  summed this up for us in these words:

At a finite distance in the future, a critical state of encounter will occur, an ultimate co-reflective Center.  A focused conspiration will allure individual persons to identify with others in profound affinity. Because of  thinking altogether, love will grow into Divinity.

The implications of  encountering each other  within a shared Christ Consciousness is enormous, because as we come together beyond separation we will be giving birth to a new humanity and a new earth.