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Thomas Berry / Co-Founder

Thomas Berry speaks about the Great Story. Taken from the teaser of The Great Story by Bullfrog Films.

We are filled with deep gratitude for our mentor, teacher and co-founder, the late Fr. Thomas Berry (1914-2009). Fr. Thomas was a Passionist priest, leading cultural historian, and ‘geologian’.

In 1992, Thomas wrote us a letter reflecting on religious life in the Catholic tradition saying, ” Each day seems to bring a new pathos in our situation in religious life. So much to be done, such paralysis throughout our communities. There is need of a profound re-assessment of our religious situation, our Christian Tradition, our human mode of presence to Earth and all living beings-  We are into a new revelatory experience, a qualitatively different revelatory mode but just as surely revelatory of the deepest mysteries of existence manifest in the unfolding sequence of cosmic transformations that is determining the context of our lives. If not the fulfillment, this is at least complimentary to all our earlier revelatory experiences.  Appealing to this new context of existence, it seems to me, is the only basis in which the best of the young people of today can discover the basic meaning of their lives.”

Thomas evolved from his academic beginning as a cultural historian to become a historian of Earth. He saw himself not as a theologian but as a “geologian,” a student of Earth’s Story embedded within the Universe Story.  For more than 40 years, Thomas worked at developing a comprehensive vision of a viable future for the Earth Community.  He was president of the American Teilhard Association for ten years in the 1970′s and was indebted to the thought of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin for helping shape his own understanding of the universe story. Thomas Berry’s books include:

Thomas Berry speaks about the Three Men Carrying Stones. Video and above photo by Lou Niznik.

Thomas Berry was born and in his later years returned to Greensboro, North Carolina. It was synchronistic that when we found the land for Green Mt Monastery it was located in Greensboro, Vermont!  When we told Thomas he said, “A touch of heaven!” These two places came to be known as: Greensboro North (VT) and Greensboro South (NC). Thomas Berry was foundational in guiding and co-founding our Monastery. He chose to be buried here at Green Mountain Monastery and was returned to a beautiful meadow on our land in a burial service on June 8, 2009.  We are deeply honored to be the place of his final rest. Learn more about Thomas Berry at