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Sister Bernadette Bostwick

I was raised in Toms River, New Jersey and spent my childhood in this diverse bioregion of ocean, pine barrens and cedar swamps. It was in these three sacred places that the natural world revealed itself to me as a single sacred community of life.

Art has always been my passion and after graduation I had the privilege of working at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. My time at the MET was a wonderful opportunity to be steeped in the world of the great artists of history and cultivate my own artistic skills which I have used in several businesses of my own including a full service advertising agency, and a house painting business specializing in historical restoration.

My life has been like a multifaceted fine gem. I bring to the monastery  rich gifts and life experiences that come from being a mother and grandmother.

The art of feeding others has always been a joy for me and a way  to express my creativity and care. Here at Green Mt Monastery, I have the privilege of feeding the community and many guests from our organic gardens.

Our  commitment to serving local, organic, vegetarian food is in line with our vision of “a single, sacred community.”  Over the last 15 years I have enjoyed reconfiguring old family recipes by converting animal based fare into nourishing meatless meals. These adaptations such as Grandma Mary’s Pasta Sauce have become great favorites here at the monastery!

In 1999, along with Sr. Gail and Thomas Berry, I embarked on the co-founding of Green Mt Monastery. From 1999-2009 I had the privilege of spending many hours with Thomas Berry during our visits with him in North Carolina. Thomas had a sweeping vision of history and helped us situate ourselves within the comprehensive context of an unfolding universe.

Presently, I am passionate about breaking open ancient images of the Christian Tradition through Iconography; Mary of the Cosmos is one such image that has been published in several volumes. I am currently working on a number of new images.

I am dedicated to the unfolding of Green Mountain Monastery and the deepening of Christ consciousness within myself and with others.