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Sister Amie Hendani

I was born in Jakarta, the Capitol of Indonesia. It is one of the biggest archipelagos with more than 15,000 islands and known as a place of tremendous diversity in terms of biodiversity and also the vast range of human aspects (language, culture, faith tradition, etc).

I was raised in an urban setting, which gave me limited experience with the natural world but full immersion in typical third world issues of poverty, and inequality. Somehow my deepest self must have realized the unnatural setting of my life and I became  preoccupied with the question –  who am I?   Thus, to understand the meaning of  being human became the point of  my searching.

I studied psychology and earned a professional degree as a psychologist from University of Indonesia in 1996. I worked  in several areas such as education, counseling, research, as well as human resource function in the corporate world. Realizing that none of those areas were able to answer that basic question of my existence –  who am I?- I decided to respond to the long awaited call to join religious life.

I joined Good Shepherd Congregation in 2002 and started my initial formation  in their ministry of women and justice and peace. In 2004, I was transferred to the Philippines for my Novitiate as I discerned to join the contemplative branch of the congregation. My basic formation formed me  to have a strong sense of justice and peace and concern for women’s issues.

At the end of 2007, I started to feel that something new wanted to emerge, I could not articulate it at the time and  hesitated to respond as I wanted to stay where I was, but the call was too strong. After some period of discernment –  I am thankful to the Good Shepherd Congregation who provided help – I finally left the congregation in 2010 and embarked on a new journey into the unknown.

Somehow, the Providence of God in a mysterious way  guided and   compelled me to start a connection with the Sisters of Green Mountain Monastery. They had been the presenters for the international Contemplative Assembly of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Quito, Ecuador, and because of that I had become acquainted with them. Since that time  the path continues to unfold. I made my first profession as a Sister of Green Mountain Monastery on November 3rd, 2012. I now realize that the question – who am I ? – has changed into-  who are WE? –  because I cannot separate myself from the larger community of life and its unfolding throughout time.

I am now very passionate to continue this journey of emergence with the whole community as it moves into its full flowering because I believe there lies the answer to who we truly are.