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Our Sign

A Sign of Dedication

Many religious communities have a symbol which members wear to give expression to the founding spirit and focus of the community.

This is our symbol which we designed ourselves.

The Trio of Fish laid in a triangular shape is an ancient Christian image of the Trinity; a  community of mutual self giving and intimate self sharing.

The  Circle  is symbolic of  the deep time journey of the universe unfurling towards its final destination -
consummation in  Love.

Differentiation, Interiority and Communion are guidance for our way into the future – revealing a universe that goes forward as the multiplicity of beings  interpenetrate with one another in a bonded unity.

The Cross manifests the Christ, whose love and self gift permeate the cosmos. The inner dynamism of the cross is expressed as continual outpouring  for the sake of the whole.

The Blue Stone in the center represents Earth our home.